Fuel Shears

Hand-crafted Japanese shears made from the finest steels so each shear delivers the ultimate cutting action and is built to last.

Each shear comes packaged in a complimentary Fuel Shear Dock, which securely holds each shear in place and can be easily sanitized.

Experience our cutting-edge shears to deliver the highest quality styles to your clients.

All of our shears are covered by the Forever Fuel Lifetime Guarantee, protecting and maintaining your shears provided they are serviced through Fuel.
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Flowline Collection

Shears are the livelihood of your craft and the main staple in your kit. Getting the great quality you expect from a pair of shears doesn’t have to break the bank either. Our Flowline Series provides a dependable edge to produce great cutting results everyday.

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Lefty Collection

We have developed a true left handed shear that is specifically designed to alleviate the challenges of that Rebel Lefty. The finest Japanese stainless steel is used to ensure extra blade stability along the shaft to avoid the “push-away” effect. With the Fuel Lefty shears, your right-handed peers will be jealous.

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Iconic Collection

You’ve heard the saying, “seeing is believing” and we’ve taken it a step further that “You have to feel it to believe it” with the incredible comfort offered from our Iconic shears. The seamless glide of the blades allow for creativity and performance to merge delivering the results you envision for your guest.

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Prism Collection

Practice makes perfect, especially for the True Stylist and perfection is what you can expect from our first-class Prism Series. Whether it’s classic shear-over-comb barbering or texturing with blenders, you can be confident these cutting tools will exceed your expectations.

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Smartflow Collection

Are you the type of stylist that set trends rather than follows them? If you’ve answered yes, you’ll love the broken styles these Smartflow blenders allow you to create by producing phenomenal texture in a fraction of the time.

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