My Portfolio

Picture your station, you have your styling products, heat tools, odds and ends, but what element truly represents your body of work as a stylist? Imagine being able to have an easy and accessible hardcover portfolio that doesn’t rely on a steady Internet connection to show your latest looks.

Introducing, “My Portfolio.” With a sleek, simplified design, your incredible styles are brought into the spotlight to inspire your guests during their consultation. Easy-to-use online templates allow you to showcase before & after images, step by steps and special collections.

My Portfolio Preview

View our My Portfolio Preview to look at our completed look book and to see how the template is organized. This will provide you a framework to begin putting together your own My Portfolio

My Portfolio Tutorial

Watch our tutorial video that will help you create your "My Portfolio" from start to finish.

Before you start:

  • Take a look at our My Portfolio example book
  • View My Portfolio tutorial
  • Prepare biography and answers to Artist Profile section
  • Make sure you have access to your photos on your device
  • Pre-select 1 headshot 35 model images
  • Set aside 1 to 2 hours to put together your looks
  • Have fun, your just a few clicks away from publishing your work

Questions for Artist Profile Page

(Your name here)

(Tell us about yourself)

I'm passionate about being a stylist because...

I stay inspired behind the chair by...

The achievements I'm most proud of are...

I ensure my clients have a memorable experience by...

My favorite guest transformation is...